Florida Tarpon Fishing Charters at Boca Grande Tampa Bay with Capt Jeff Hagaman

1st Place Inaugural Flw Redfish Tournament Team Century Join the Winning Team! Jeff and Jamie lead in FLW Redfish Tournament

         Team Century

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Jeff and Jamie win the Inaugural FLW Redfish Tournament
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Tournament Wins

Captains Jeff Hagaman and James Goodwin take fishing on the redfish circuit and tarpon fishing at Boca Grande Florida to the next level as two of the industry's most accomplished anglers. For each of the past seven years Team Century's top performance has set a pace to be reckoned with. Outstanding professional conduct and impressive tournament results- 25 Top 5 Finishes and 13 First Place Finishes-have led this team to coveted media exposure.
Another Top 3 Win  1st Place PTTS win
2008 Team Century

Team Century wins Yamaha Honors

Media Exposure

Captain of the Year - The Outdoor Channel
More than 300 television and media appearances a year

Featured on the Emmy Winning “Chevy Florida Fishing Report” 4 times per week for 39 weeks

Co-stars of "The Tarpon of Boca” a televised reality series on Tarpon Fishing at Boca Grande on the Outdoor Channel (13 episodes in 2008 and another series filmed for next season)

Featured appearances on The Professional Tarpon Tournament Series television show (13 weeks)

Representation and promotion for sponsors at more than 40 events

“Jeff and Jamie have demonstrated only top notch professionalism and representation of our product for the past 3 years”

Joe Mercurio, Vice President, Tarpon Anglers Club

Both Jeff and James have shared their passion for inshore and backcountry fishing with their customers from Florida's West Coast to Louisiana for more than 10 years as full time guides. Their professional approach to fishing and their sponsors produces outstanding results. Don't miss out on your exposure!

Capt Jeff appears weekly on the "Florida Insider Fishing Report" Capt Jeff co-stars on "The Tarpon of Boca" on the Outdoor Channel 
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Team Century Wins FLW Redfish Series Event

Professional Tarpon Tournament Series

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Florida Tarpon Fishing Charters at Boca Grande Tampa Bay with Capt Jeff Hagaman